Our brass models concept

Modelbex is a brand of Lematec Prestige Models SA.

Lematec Prestige Models SA, known until 2006 as Lemaco Prestige Models, has been active for more than thirty years in the field of high-end prestige model trains. The company has acquired a reputation apart in model railroading both for the level of detail and quality of its reproductions, for its seriousness and for its tireless quest for improvement.

The Modelbex brand was created in 2010 with the aim of offering a wider circle of enthusiasts high quality brass models, but at a more affordable price than the prestige limited edition models.

We believe that a metal power unit from the Modelbex range is the ideal complement to tow the wide variety of quality plastic cars and wagons that the market offers today. Brass, thanks to the fineness of its sheets, allows an unequalled quality of reproduction, especially for steam locomotives and their tender.
It is expected that the Modelbex range will be expanded with one new traction unit each year, alternating between the H0, 0 and I scales.

We wish you a lot of fun collecting and using our models on your networks, and we are at your disposal for fruitful exchanges.